About divilayouts.com

An independant directory of layouts for Divi since 2017

The original Divi layout directory since 2017.

Divilayouts.com was set up by freelance web designer Craig Longmuir in 2017 to help improve how Divi users found available layouts.

Divilayouts.com started as a side project from divithemeexamples.com which was created in 2014 as a Divi showcase gallery. With the popularity of layouts growing in recent years this site has become a valuable resource for finding the perfect template for Divi

Layouts are regularly added to the directory as they are discovered by divilayouts.com, or as they are submitted by the layout developers.


How did divilayouts.com start?

“I created divithemeexamples back in 2014 to solve my own problems and fill a need in the growing community of Divi users. I was adding 3rd party layouts to the site, but there were limited options for searching as layouts were added into a single page.

As layouts became more popular and the numbers available started to grow it was clear we needed a better solution.

In 2017 I spent a month in Bali creating divilayouts.com and have been updating the site with new content since. I personally find it useful to quickly browse through all the available layouts, and hope some of you do to“

Craig Longmuir
Owner of Divilayouts.com
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Craig Longmuir