Divi layouts are the back-bone of the Divi Theme and play a huge part in a fast and efficient workflow when building websites with this popular theme. For the past 6 moths Elegant Themes have been releasing 2 free layout packs each and every week for all their members. These layout packs are 100% free and even include royalty-free stock images that are taken by their in-house photographer that can be used in any of your projects.

With such high-quality free layouts available from Elegant Themes (no to mention 3rd party designers) the 3rd party market for Divi layouts has changed for the better. There are some sites offering layouts that really can’t justify the selling price or compete with the free ones from Elegant Themes, but there are also a few places where you can buy high-quality premium Divi layouts.

If you prefer something a little more exclusive for your site or can’t find the layout you need within the range of free layouts, then buying a premium layout, layout pack or layout bundle may be the solution.

Best premium layouts for Divi

Below are a collection of the best premium Divi layouts available to buy for your next project. Most of the best paid-for layouts for Divi come from 2 providers who stand out as clear leaders in the premium layout arena. Divi Den, who focuses on offering large layout bundles that include various pages and sections and Need Yesterday, who focuses more on individual layout sections that can be purchased on-demand via their drag-and-drop preview tool. Whilst premium layouts are available on other sites Divi Den and Need Yesterday focus on premium Divi layouts and have a proven track record of proving high-quality products for the Divi Theme and should be your 1st-stop resource for buying layouts for Divi.

You can view every premium layout for Divi in the Paid for Layouts in the Divi Layout Directory 

sigmund premium divi layouts

Sigmund layout bundle

The latest in what has been a hugely popular series of layout bundles from Divi Den. As usual this layout pack contains high quality page and section layouts that come with fancy animation hover effects and stylish design..

The Divi Den on Demand (DDD) plugin allows you to access this layout bundle directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Price:€42,00 | More Info 

divi den paid for layout pack

Pixie layout bundle

The value packed Pixie layout bundle from Divi Den comes with 93 Divi module layouts, 20 full-page layouts and 19 non-layout designer resources.

The Divi Den on Demand (DDD) plugin allows you to access layout bundle directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Price: €67.00 | More Info 

divi unicorn bundle

Unicorn layout bundle

The value packed Unicorn layout bundle from Divi Den comes with 83 Pre-made Divi modules, 16 full-page layouts and 171 Social Media Sharing Image Templates.

The Divi Den on Demand (DDD) plugin allows you to access layout bundle directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Price: €50.00 | More Info

optimius wireframe UI layout kit

Optimus Wireframe UI Kit

The Optimus Wireframe UI Kit comes with 45 Pre-Made Divi layout sections for about us, blog, call to action, contact us, contents, footer, header, optin-form, pricing table, services, team and testimonials. Section from this layout pack are also available to buy seperately in the Need Yesterday store. Price: $25.00 | More Info

pegasus premium Divi layout pack

Pegasus layout pack

The Pegasus premium layout bundle from Divi Den comes packed with content including 22 Divi full-page layouts, 92 premade Divi Modules and 114 Photoshop files (editable, layered and named)

Price: €57,00 | More Info

need yesterday premium Divi layouts

Need Yesterday layout bundle

Need yesterday offer a range of premium Divi layout sections that you can buy individually via there store or build your own bundle via the live layout generator. This bundle gives you access to all 180+ layouts.

Need Yesterday was created by Fabio Sarcona of Creative Child Themes

Price: $199.00 | More Info

marketing layout pack

Marketing layout pack

This is a 6 page layout pack from The Design Space and includes pages for pricing, contact and contact thank you pages, email sign up and thank you pages and lead magnet delivery page. The pack comes with instructions for Mailchimp integration and an installation guide.

Price: £45.00 | More Info

Have you used premium layouts for your Divi site?

With the huge number of free layouts available, how many of you are willing to pay for a premium layout that checks all your boxes? Do you prefer to buy layouts as a large value bundle or just pick and choose the sections you need as you need them?