The Divi changelog lists all the updates that have been made to the Divi Theme files since its release.

Divi Changelog

The Divi Changelog lists all theme updates

You can also access the Divi changelog on the Divi Theme Examples website.

Each entry in the changelog will record;

  • The Divi version number (x.xx.x)
  • The date of the update (updated MONTH-DAY-YEAR)
  • A list that includes a short text description to explain each of the updates (-)
  • A list that includes the path to each of the files that have been updated (*)

How do I know what version of Divi I have?

You can view which version of the DIvi theme you are using by going to your WordPress dashboard in Appearance > Themes and then clicking on the Theme Details link in. If a new version is available, you can click the Update now link. Updates will also appear in the dashboard menu updates section.

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