Divi has evolved to dominate the WordPress Theme market and attracts users of all levels looking to easily build a website using WordPress. From people new to web design looking to learn a new skill or to DIY their own website or more experienced users wanting to create advanced websites, Divi is a powerful drag-and-drop website builder suitable for all skill levels. Like any new technology, Divi will require some learning and hard work but with such a large community of Divi developers and tutors, there come many resources and courses online to help with the learning process.

Divi courses and resources to learn how to use the Divi Theme

As a Divi user you have access to many free and premium Divi courses, resources and tutorials that are suitable for users new to Divi and WordPress, up-to advanced Divi users and 3rd party Divi product developers. Below I will recommend the best Divi courses and resources available to learn the basics and advanced features of the theme.

1. Official Divi documentation

divi documentation

The official Elegant Themes documentation is the best place to start learning Divi and for many is all you will ever need. This resource is not in a course format but covers everything you will need to know. The documentation is very comprehensive covering every element of the Divi theme and all of its many features. This documentation is easily searched and includes text, images, videos, and walk-through guides. You also have access to the Elegant Themes support chat if there is something you are having trouble with and the knowledge-base to browse common issues.

Learn Divi (free)

2. YouTube courses & tutorials

Divi YouTube courses

We all know YouTube is a great place to learn almost anything and Divi has a large number of free courses, tutorials, and guides that cover almost any Divi topic you can think of. The official Elegant Themes YouTube channel has a large number of videos such as the documentation videos, blog post tutorials, and update & sneak peek features videos.

If you search on YouTube for Divi Theme there are many 3rd party videos that can be anything from a short tutorial right up-to full 1hr+ long plus courses that show you how to build a website with Divi and WordPress from the beginning to end. The most popular Divi YouTube course is from Ferdy Korpershoek on “How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme” has 700,000+ views.

Learn Divi (free)

3. Quiroz.co free tutorials

geno quiroz Divi tutorials

If you have been in the Divi community for any amount of time you will have already heard of Geno Quiroz and his useful tutorials. Quiroz.co is the home for all of these tutorials Geno puts together and has grown in the past few years into a huge collection of quick, easy-to-follow guides and tutorials for adding customization to your Divi sites. The site allows you to search all 100+ tutorials or browse via the 36 tutorial categories.

Learn Divi (free)

4. Udemy free (& paid) courses

Udemy Divi courses

Udemy is one of the largest marketplaces for courses online and has a number of learning resources including for learning and building websites using the Divi Theme. A search for Divi will bring up 200+ including many free courses (Affiliate marketer, Darrel Wilson has a few good ones listed) along with some premium options. Join the Udemy mailing list to be notified of the regular discounts which often see the price of all courses reduced to around US$10.

Learn Divi (free + paid)

Buy Premium Divi courses

5. Site School course

divi course melissa love

The premium Divi course called Site School is offered by The Design Space and developed by Melissa Love. The Design Space is a specialist photography web design studio that also offer a number of photography based child themes for Divi. The Site School online course includes sections on website planning, building, styling, security & SEO, launching, content strategy, WordPress resources, marketing tools, eCommerce, and SEO strategy. The course also comes with 2 mini-courses for learning branding and SEO. There is a bonus free Divi layout, discount on The Design Space child themes, and access to the private Facebook group.

Learn Divi (from $249)

6. Transforming Divi with CSS & jQuery Course

divi space course

A paid for Divi course created by SJ James of Divi Space and Aspen Grove Studios that teach you advanced Divi customization above what can be achieved using the inbuilt Divi theme options and settings alone.

This course includes the basics of Getting to know Divi, Introduction to CSS, Introduction to Jquery, and Browser Toolkit. A section for CSS will teach you CSS Hierarchy and Placement, Pseudo Elements, Media Queries, Animations, Troubleshooting with 5 live examples where custom CSS has been used to improve Divi. A section on JQuery teaches you the jQuery Cheat Sheet, building a Jquery function, moving & replacing with jQuery. The practical section of the course (Building Elegant Themes Website in Divi) teaches you how to prepare a Divi child theme for Jquery & CSS, home page build. There is also a bonus of inserting layouts in template pages and how to edit modules.

At an additional cost you can get a personal 1-on-1 training session with the course creator, SJ James.

Learn Divi (from $197)

Courses for advanced Divi users

7. Divi Module Creators course

divi custom modules course

The 2nd course developed by SJ James at Divi Space and Aspen Grove Studios is designed for more advanced Divi users and will teach you how to build two custom Divi modules. The course comes with instructional videos, webinars and quizzes and is sold as a lifetime access to all lessons and downloads along with private Facebook group access.

  • Part 1: Course Introduction & Setting Up a Development Environment
  • Part 2: Divi Module Settings and Fields Explained
  • Part 3: First Practical, Building Your First Module
  • Part 4: Second Practical, Advanced & Dynamic Modules

Learn Divi ($249)

Divi you use a course to learn Divi?

Having a structured course to follow can be the easiest way for many people to learn a new skill and with so many great resources available for free, it can just cost you your time. For those who like to work by experimentation and trial-and-error it is easy to just search for specific solutions to problems as they arise. However you like to learn, it will take time and patience, but in the end you will be left with an awesome Divi website for yourself, your business or your clients.

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