Meet other Divi users on Facebook

Elegant Themes has over 500,000 members and almost all of them will be using their #1 WordPress Theme, Divi. There are a large number of Divi Facebook groups listed  if you do a search on Facebook, but i tend to stick to a select number of the best Divi groups that offer the most help and resources.

Each of the different groups have their own posting guidelines that need to be read and followed if you don’t want to annoy everyone and/or get booted from the group. These rules are listed in the group description which you will find in the right hand sidebar of each of the group pages.

Top 5 Divi Facebook groups worth joining today…

1. Divi Theme Examples

Divi Theme Examples facebook group

Divi Theme Examples Facebook group 14,500 members.

This is the official group for Divi Theme Examples created mostly for sharing and finding live examples of websites biuilt with the Divi Theme. You can share any of your Divi website for feedback and/or kudos from the Divi community in the group at any time. Any other Divi related posts are allowed but this group does not accept any commercial posts or blog posts. Join the group, Share your work with others and get inspired by what the community have created.

“This Divi Theme Examples FB group is a place to post URL’s for sites you have made/seen using the DIVI THEME by Elegant Themes. The best examples will be added to the Divi Theme Examples showcase. You are also welcome to post questions and discussion directly related to the Divi theme.”

2. Divi Theme Users

divi theme users facebook group

Divi Theme Users – 29,000 members

This is the largest (and probably the most useful) of all the Divi Facebook group and has recently become the official Elegant Themes Facebook group being run and moderated by the staff at Elegant Themes. Any Divi related posts are allowed in the group but there are specific days for posting products, blog tutorials, examples and freebies. Tutorial Tuesday, Web Design Wednesday, Product Thursday and Freebie Friday have mega threads for content created within the last week that can be added to mega threads created by the admins.

“This group is managed by Elegant Themes and members of the Divi Community.”

3. Divi Theme Layouts

divi layouts facebook group

Divi Theme Layouts directory  3500 members.

The Divi Layouts Group is the official group for the Divi Layouts Directory website and is only for posts related to Divi layouts. Any posts not directly related to layouts are deleted by the admin as they are best posted in one of the Divi groups above for general Divi posts. In the group you will get the latest updates from Divi Layout directory website, free.json files to download and you can ask for any layout related support questions and discussion.

“A place to share and discuss Divi Theme layouts… and nothing else.”

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share

DTHAS Facebook group

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share Facebook group  15000 members.

The DTHAS group was set up and run by a number of 3rd party Divi web designers, developers and long term users including many of the best 3rd party Divi product developers. The group allows almost anything that is related to Divi and limited NDR or general WordPress and web design subjects too. Every Thursday is Naked Thursday where you are free to post anything Divi you have created in the past week.

Divi Freelancer For Hire

freelancer divi facebook group

Divi Freelancers For Hire Facebook group – 4500 members.

Most of the main Divi Facebook groups do not allow you to post job offers in their groups, so the Divi Freelancers For Hire group was created just for this. If you need paid help with your Divi website, then this group is here specifically for hiring Divi developers and designers. You can post a job listings here, but it is not a group for self-promoting your own services and any spamming may well get you banned from the group.

“This group is intended for JOB POSTINGS ONLY. Please keep all posts relevant to these topics.”

Other Divi facebook groups worth checking out

Divi Web Designers – 13,500 members – Created by Josh Hall
Elegant Themes Users Community – 4000 members – Created by Geno Quiroz
Divi SEO Pro – 540 members – Created by Alicia Hughes
Divi & Extra for Business – 1900 members – Created by Joel Wolfgang

Divi developer specific groups

There are a number of groups set up specifically for 3rd party Divi products that are available for asking questions and getting support for Divi plugins, child themes or layout. If you have purchased and Divi products from these businesses it is well worth joining their Facebook group for product updates, suppor and special offers. A few such groups are for

BeSuperfly – 96 members
Divi Stride  – 688 members
Tortoise IT – 1262 members

Divi Facebook groups for countries

If English is not your 1st language then it can be hard to follow along in the English speaking groups, so there are many non-English groups that have been set up for specific countries and languages.

Dutch Divi users
Vietnames Divi Users,
Portuguese Divi Users
Phillipine Divi Users
French Divi Users
South African Divi Users,