What are Divi layout packs?

Divi Layouts are premade pages, sections, rows and modules that can be loaded into a web page directly from the Divi builder (the layout packs from Elegant Themes) or using the Divi library system.

Divi layout packs just are a collection of these premade Divi page layouts bundled up into a single pack.

Layout packs have been released by various 3rd party layout designers such as Divi-Den and Need Yesterday, but for the post we will be looking at the free layout packs that are released for by Elegant Themes.

Since Divi Theme version 3.0.99 all the predefined free layout packs created by Elegant Themes are available from within the Divi builder and do not need to be downloaded and imported via the Divi library as before this update. Currently there are 2 new multi-page layout packs released and added to the Divi builder each week.


Use the Divi visual builder to access layouts

When you create a new page on your website and click to use the Divi Builder and then click to use the Visual Builder. You will then see three choices for how you want to start building your page. Click on the middle option “Choose A Premade Layout”.

divi builder options

Browse layout packs

This will load the layouts pop-up on the Premade Layouts tab. From here you can browse through the layout packs, search by keyword or view from selected categories of layout. If you click on a layout pack you can see the various page layouts in that pack. You can each of the pages demos by clicking “View Live Demo” button or load the layout into your page by clicking on the “Use This Layout” button.

browse divi layout pack

Access layout packs using the page settings bar

You can access the layouts at anytime within the Visual Builder by clicking the “Load From Library” icon in the page settings bar (the + symbol). Inside the Load From Library popup you can choose the new layout you want to use.

load layout pack from settings bar

Divi premade layouts not loading

Before you can load the Premade Layout packs in the Divi Library you need to authenticate your Elegant Themes membership. You will probably have already activated it in the updates for Divi section under Divi > Theme Options > Updates.  If you didn’t already do this you will be prompted to enter your Elegant Themes membership Username and API Key before you can access the layout packs.

divi layout authentication

2 new layout packs every week

Elegant Themes release a new layout pack (usually) each Monday and Friday and you can find them all listed in the Divi layout directory. Below are the latest 8 layout packs from Elegant Themes.