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This page lists all the best DiviTheme Builder Templates available to download from various developers in the Divi community.
Our directory lists the largest collection of hand-picked templates that have been designed by Divi designers and developers from around the world. This page is a collection of the best Divi Theme Builder Templates that are available to download and use on your own Divi website.
These Divi Theme Builder Templates can be imported into your Divi Theme Builder and applied too various areas of your website site-wide or on selected pages. You can create a global header & footer, set blog post templates and so much more using the built-in Divi template system.

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The Theme Builder Templates for Divi listed above can be used in your website running on WordPress with the Divi Theme.
Select your Theme Builder Templates from the directory, then click the "VIEW LAYOUT" or "VIEW TEMPLATE" button to visit the developers website and view full details of how to download or use the Theme Builder layout along with any additional information..

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This page lists some of the best Theme Builder Templates , but it is always worth looking at other categories of Divi layouts in the directory as many can be used within the Theme Builder. You can search or browse this layout directory using the search function in the sidebar.

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If you have a great Theme Builder Templates , feel free to submit it to the Divilayouts.com directory using the contact page on this site. Everyone is welcome to submit their layout, but only the very best will be added to the directory.