4.0 Sticky & Fixed header

Date Added: October 21, 2019


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Add a sticky or fixed header using the Divi 4 Theme Builder

This is a Divi Theme Builder template that allows you to add a fixed or sticky header to your Divi site globally using the new Divi 4.0 Theme Builder. By default, when you add a custom header in the new Theme Builder, there is no way to make it fixed to the top of the page rather than scrolling off the screen. This is easy to do with a little CSS. For a sticky header that shrinks to only show the menu you will need to add a little extra code via a code module.

The layout is available to download from Divi Theme Examples but requires a social share to access the download link. You can just grab the code from the blog post and create the sticky or fixed headers yourself if you prefer not to share.


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