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5x Divi Person module layouts

These person module layouts are available to download for free on Mark Hendriksen’s site. Each of the layouts comes with a unique hover effect that is created by combining the Divi module settings along with a small amount of custom CSS that can be added to your theme options or into a child theme.

Person module #1 has a shadow effect and negative margin hover effect.

Person module #2 is a full width 4 column layout with the name and position visible as a slide up the section on hover.

Person module #3 is a 3 column layout that will reveal the persons’ details as a slide down section and a dotted side frame on hover.

Person module #4 has the person image saturation set to change from 0 to 100 on hover.

Person module #5 is a 3 column layout that has the persons’ details appear on hover over a semi-transparent image overlay.

To download this free layout you will need to add your email address to the mailing list for Mark Hendriksen.


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