Divi Print Shop Header & Footer Layout

Date Added: March 16, 2022


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Divi header and footer layouts for print shop pack

This free Divi layout JSON (& tutorial) will allow you how to create a custom header and footer template for the print shop layout pack website. These header and footer templates can be used within the Divi Theme builder to apply them to every page, or selected page, on your website.

For more header layouts check out this excellent article that lists the best free and premium Divi header layouts from 3rd party layout developers and from the Elegant Themes blog.

"This Divi layout is available on the Elegant Themes website and is accompanied by a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to create the layout from scratch.

You can download this Divi layout template for free on the Elegant Themes blog post “Download a FREE Header and Footer Template for Divi’s Print Shop Layout Pack”.

Affiliate disclosure* – Links to layouts on Elegant Themes and 3rd party websites may contain affiliate code. You will never pay any extra for using these links. Thanks for supporting Divilayouts.com.”