ET Recruitment Layout Pack

Date Added: May 29, 2018


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Recruitment Consultants (Elegant Themes Free Divi Layout Pack)

This free Divi layout for a recruitment consultancy  is released by Elegant Themes and contains 8 page layouts.

“The Jeweler Layout Pack’s 7 elegant layouts, high-quality images and beautiful illustrations make the layout pack an excellent choice to create a jeweler’s website from scratch. The use of soft colors and elegant font families give visitors a luxurious and refined feeling that perfectly represent the quality that’s expected from a skilled and respectable jeweler.”

Since Divi Version 3.0.99 you can import the layouts included in this pack directly from the Divi Builder.

Job Recruiter Landing Page
Job Recruiter Homepage
Job Recruiter About Page
Job Recruiter Candidates Page
Job Recruiter Listing Page
Job Recruiter Employers Page
Job Recruiter Blog Page
Job Recruiter Contact Page

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