Animation Demo 1 Page



A free Divi layout that recreates the Demo page created by Elegant Themes to showcase the release of the new Divi animation options. This free DIvi layout is available to download from Elegant Themes.

ViewLive layout demo here.

This layout pack is available to download in full in part 6 of the Divi Animations Demo tutorials series. You can find the tutorials series (and see step by step how to build this layout) at;

Part 1 – How to Use Divi’s New Animation Effects
Part 2 – Using Divi’s Animations to Unfold Content with Sliding Images
Part 3 – Using Divi’s Fold Animation to Make Blurbs Bloom
Part 4 – Using Divi’s Slide Animation to Show the Progression of a Process
Part 5 – Using Divi’s Animations to Roll Your Content into View
Part 6 – Using Divi’s Animations to Float and Bounce Image


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