Free Wedding Invite

Date Added: September 11, 2018


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A Divi layout for a wedding invite page

Happily is a free 1 page Divi layout designed for a wedding invite page to connect with wedding guests. Layout is released by Divi Lover.

The layout comes with custom CSS for mobile view to keep stacking and alignment looking good once the mobile breakpoints are triggered on smaller screens. There is also custom icon set, custom hover effects and a unique use of the Divi divider options.

To use this layout you will need to have the Divi Theme installed on your Wordpress installation. You can then download the .json file (you will need to subscribe to the Divi Lover email list 1st) and import it into your Divi library by going to Divi > Divi Library > Import & Export > import tab. Once imported you can load the layout into your page using the Divi builder or Divi Visual builder.

2 reviews for Free Wedding Invite

  1. rashed

    awsome layout

  2. marie

    thanks. saved me some time :)

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