Fullscreen Hero & Sticky Bottom Row Section

Date Added: May 6, 2017


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A free Divi Section Layout for fullscreen hero & sticky bottom row with Bloom released by  A Girl and Her Mac.

This Divi section layout is for the header (aka hero) area. I’ve used this on a few clients’ sites and in my premium child theme Executive. I love the look of it, I think it’s pretty snazzy and my clients seem to love it. It’s fullscreen and the bottom row is sticky on most device sizes (if it’s not it’s just because it doesn’t need to be). A matching Bloom optin is included.
95% of the CSS is in the modules themselves for this layout, only a very little bit of external CSS is required because I had to use a few media queries for the sticky row on certain device sizes and orientations – freakin’ tablets! ?


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