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Date Added: July 21, 2018


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Free Divi layout for a grid based blog page

This free layout is released by Divi Soup and uses CSS Grid and flex to give variable column widths and keep posts at the same height across devices.

To use this layout you will need to;
- Download the zip file from the download page
- Import the .json file into a new page (not the library)
- Open the blog modules and select the categories and number of posts you want to display
- If you wish, you can move the JS code to Divi > Theme Options > Integration > Add to head and the CSS to your child theme stylesheet or Divi > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS or you can leave it where it is.
- For adjustments, change the CSS variables at the top of the CSS.
- The css.css and js.js files included in this package are for backup purposes. Should any code get corrupted on layout import, you can use these backup files to replace the code within the layout.


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