Inline (side-by-side) Buttons


Free double/triple Inline Divi Buttons layout & tutorial

This free Divi layout and tutorial is from the Divi Theme Examples website blog post “Inline Divi buttons (side-by-side) & Free layout”.

If you want to have 2 Divi buttons side-by-side then this tutorial and layout will show you how to create double/triple Divi buttons using the Divi Text module. You can follow along with the step-by-step tutorial or just download the JSON layout file and import into your website.

The tutorial will show you how to;

  • Style Divi text modules to look like and function like the Divi Button module
  • Use CSS to make the buttons side-by-side
  • Add Button hover effects using the inbuilt Box Shadow effects
  • Add Button sizes for mobile and tablet
  • Add a button divider between 2 buttons

Download this layout from Divi Theme Examples

share divi layouts

To download the JSON layout file for this tutorial you will need to use one of the social media share buttons which are found towards the bottom of the tutorial. You can choose between Twitter or Facebook and the download link will appear after the post has been shared.

To import the layout to your Divi website you will need to extract the zip file and drag-and-drop the JSON file into your Divi Builder page.


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