Mermaid Layout Pack

Date Added: September 18, 2017


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Mermaid is a Divi layout bundle for Divi created by Divi-Den (who also released the hugely popular Unicorn bundle and plenty of free layouts)

This product is available to buy individually via Divi Den, but also as part of the Divi Den Pro package via the Elegant Themes marketplace which offers a huge collection of layouts for your money.

  • This product is available via the Elegant Themes marketplace as an unlimited site license for $169.
  • The price includes 1 year of updates and support.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee when buying products via the Elegant Themes marketplace.
  • Released under GPL license

The Divi Den Pro layout package is a vast collection of premium Divi layouts with 2700+ premade Divi library items, 650+ full layouts, 2000+ sections and modules, and 20+ complete web design collections. This collection offers huge value for anyone building multiple websites for clients.

55 Products contained in the Mermaid Bundle;
9 Animated Blurbs
5 Person Modules
4 Contact Forms
14 Content Layouts
5 Blog Modules
3 Divi Sliders
2 Divi Masks
3 Divi List Styles
10 Divi Page Layouts


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