Reveal content on hover

Date Added: June 24, 2019


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Divi layout to reveal content on hover using Divider module

This free Divi layout is available to download from the Elegant Themes blog post “How to Use Section Divider Height Hover Effects to Reveal Content in Divi”.

The post will show you how you can create a unique hover effect in Divi using the in-built section dividers and hover & box-shadow options. The tutorial will show you the steps required to

  • Add and style section dividers with 70% height that changes to 0% on hover
  • Add an inner box-shadow that shows on hover to give the background frame to the content
  • Slow down the transition animations using the advanced setting options

You can also download the final .JSON file for the layout by entering your email to the Elegant Themes email list. A link will then be revealed where you can download, extract the JSON file and import the layout file into your Divi Library or drag directly into your Visual Builder.

Affiliate disclosure* –  Links to layouts on Elegant Themes and 3rd party websites may contain affiliate code. You will never pay any extra for using these links. Thanks for supporting Divi Theme Example


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