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Date Added: June 19, 2019


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Learn how to add a timeline to Divi

Adding a Divi timeline to your website allows you to display events chronologically in a visually simple style that is quick and easy for your viewers to understand.

By using a timeline, you are able to display your information more clearly than using standard text and ensure your key information is understood. There are many situations where you may want to add a timeline to your Divi website, but some of the most common use cases would include;

  • To display your company history timeline
  • To display your product updates timeline
  • To display your work experience timeline
  • To display your project roadmap timeline

There are a few different options to add a timeline in Divi including;

  • Use a Divi plugin that is designed for creating timelines or one that features a timeline module
  • Use a pre-made Divi timeline layout
  • Create a timeline yourself from scratch in Divi using various default Divi modules

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1 review for Divi Timeline

  1. Robin Parrish

    This is requiring me to write a review of the Timeline module *before* I download and use the thing. Um…

    “Yeah, ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ is a great movie. It doesn’t release until next summer, so I couldn’t have possibly seen it yet. But I’m going to make up a review about it now, just for kicks.”

    • Craig Longmuir

      from what I see you just need to give Divi Space your email for their email list to download. you can choose to review it on divilayouts.com or not.

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