For any web designer, artist, photographer, graphic designer a beautiful portfolio layout is a huge selling point and is often the deal maker… or breaker. Have you ever looked for a web designer before? Did you take a quick look at the homepage to get a quick overview and then head straight to the portfolio or our work page?

For many visitors to your site they want to quickly know if you offer the service they are looking for and once that is established they want to see your portfolio of work and if you are any good at what you do. Having a great portfolio of work is one thing, but presenting it in an clean and attractive way is also vitally important. By having a clutter free portfolio layout you can let your work speak for itself and hopefully show that you are a great at what you do.

4 free and 2 premium Divi portfolio layouts

Below are a selection of Divi portfolio layouts available from Elegant Themes and 3rd party Divi designers that can be used to create a great looking portfolio page your your website. Use the layouts to quickly get your portfolio page up and running so you can start getting more new clients.

1. Architecture Firm Divi Portfolio layout Page

Architecture Firm Portfolio Page

For those who want a dark look for their portfolio page, this layout from the Architecture layout pack could be useful. A quick intro text on a light background then the rest of the page is all dark with wide portfolio images that take up 3.4 of the page width. Once users have checked out your amazing work on your portfolio page there is a contact form at the bottom so they can get in touch straight away. The layout pack is 100% free and released by Elegant Themes. You can load it into your portfolio page directly from your Divi builder or Visual Builder without having to download and import into your library.

More Info | Live Demo

2. Portfolio Case Study page

divi portfolio case study layout

This is a 1-page Divi layout created for a 1 page case study page by Divi Theme Examples. The single page portfolio layout is designed to showcase a single project such as a website and comes with various sections in plenty of white-space to make things clear and easy to read. Below the full screen header title and logo the main site screenshot has a hover scroll effect that automatically scrolls the screen down when a user hovers over it, and back up when they hover off which is great for long full page screenshots. Below that is an area for the key project info and further detailed project info. There is a process section using the Divi tabs module and a contact us section so users can get in touch one you dazzle them with your great work!

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3. 3D Portfolio layout pack

3d portfolio layout pack

The 3D Portfolio layout pack comes with 2 pages and is a premium layout pack released by Divi Den, who are one of the leading providers of Divi layouts and layout packs. The pack comes with a full project page layout with the eye-catching 3D hover portfolio at the top of the page along with sections for further text info, a pricing table, blog posts and a contact form.. The 2nd inner page template is for the specific projects and comes with a large full screen image sitting behind a bold project title. A section for the project details comes before a full with image slider and links to access previous and next projects without returning to the main project page. This layout pack is sold for $21,55 (Billed in EURO).

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4. Design Agency portfolio page + case study and project pages

free Divi portfolio layout

The Design Agency layout pack is from Elegant Themes and is available to load into your website from within the builder for free. The layout pack contains 9 pages including this portfolio page which can be used to display a number of your key portfolio items. The layout pack also includes a case study page and 2 project pages that can be used to showcase individual portfolio items in more details with images and descriptions and in-screen mock-ups. Remember that all stock images in these layout packs are 100% free, so just drop your own screen shot onto the screen images and away you go. As usual with the layout packs from Elegant Themes, the style is light and minimal which will work perfectly to showcase your products without any other distraction on the page.

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5. Sigmund bundle portfolio modules (x2)

sigmund portfolio layouts

The Sigmund Bundle from Divi Den comes with 2 custom portfolio modules (17 pages and 49 modules total) and whilst the portfolio modules are not available to buy seperately, the bunde as a whole is great value and high quality. Each of the portfolio modules in the bundle come with custom CSS hover effects. The 1st has an animated view project text with line that animate on hover and the second has a retro raided 3D effect along with he animated view project text.

More Info | Live Demo

What does your Divi portfolio layout page look like?

If you have a great portfolio page you’d like to share with us, just drop a link in the comments. If it really is great and the rest of the site is great too, it may end up in the Divi showcase too where you can show of your skills and maby pick up some extra work from the community of Divi users.

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