There are well over 1 million live websites built with Divi available online to get inspiration from and motivate you to create a beautiful Divi site for yourself. To save wasting time looking through the many bad, or just plain average Divi sites, you can view a hand-picked collection of the best examples in the Divi Theme Examples showcase gallery.

The original Divi showcase gallery and the best place to view well designed Divi example sites is the Divi Theme Examples showcase gallery which currently has over 2000 listings in 34 niche web design categories with a new site of the day added daily.

This site was launched back in November 2014 by Craig Longmuir to provide community members a place to share the best websites that they had built using the Divi Theme. The site has grown over the years to include a comprehensive range of Divi resources including listings of all the best Divi layouts, child themes, and plugins available for Divi.

divi theme examples website


40 cool examples from the Divi Theme Examples gallery

If you don’t have time to look through the 2000+ Divi Theme websites listed in the showcase, then this post will show you 40 of the best. Take a look at these showcase sites from a wide range of web design niches including Divi blogs, eCommerce shops, design agencies, music, and photography examples and see what inspires you to create your own amazing website with Elegant Themes’ Divi.

1. Above & Beyond exhibition website

above & beyond website example

Dark websites are hard to design but this 1-page Divi site for the Above & Beyond mobile exhibition is a great example of how dark websites should be designed.

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2. Exalt Digital digital agency website

digital agency example

Another 1-page example for Exalt Digital agency that comes with some custom navigation effects as the page scrolls to swap the logo and change colors of the call-to-action button.

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3. Popla restaurant website

restaurant website example built with DiviT

This largely black & white website for Popla restaurant in NSW, Australian comes with a custom header with overlapping logo and re-styled primary and secondary navigation items.

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4. Crossroads church website

church website example built with Divi Theme

This website for Crossroads Church is the US is one of many church site examples listed in the showcase. Churches are a popular niche with Divi users and even has it’s own dedicated church web designers Facebook group.

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4. Devlin Photos photography website

divi photography example

A great example of both a photography site and a site using the vertical navigation option in Divi. This site for Devlin Photos is created by The Design Space, who specializes in the photography niche.

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5. Sleeknote Tech website

tech website example divi theme

A very clean and sleek website for Sleeknote website software with many well-implemented customizations throughout the entire site including some cool custom Divi Tabs examples.

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6. King & Company construction website

divi construction example

This brochure website for King & Company is clean and to the point providing clear information about the business along with a gallery of their recent projects.

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7. Tokenika cryptocurrency website

crypto website design example

Very modern styling with bright highlight color and black backgrounds for this cryptocurrency site. You may not notice at first, but the entire color scheme of the site is constantly and slowly changing.

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8. Roofing Boost roofing website

roofing website design example

This local trades site for Roofing Boost makes is very easy for users to get in touch with multiple call-to-actions throughout the site including a sticky bar half way down the page with a large phone number to call and place to sign up for a consultation.

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9. Global Children school website

school website design example

This Global Children school site is a good example of how you can keep your “can I have my logo bigger” clients happy without ruining the design of your site. As you scroll the page the logo section and contact details scroll off the page and the navigation sticks to the top of the page.

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10. Natural Chef Mallorca private chef website

white divi website example

Less is more for the Natural Chef Mallorca personal chefs website. This minimal design with plenty of white-space allows high-quality food photography to really stand out (and make us all hungry).

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11. Cock & Bull festival website

festival website design example

This website for the Cock & Bull Festival in the UK which raises money for the Jamies Farm charity. The site has plenty of flat hand-drawn style graphics and freeform shapes to match their logo.

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12. Victoria Bernath musician website

musician website design example

A simple 1-page site for the violinist, vocalist, and composer Victoria Bernath.

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13. Cross-Fit Immaculate fitness website

crossfit website design with Divi

Cross-Fit Immaculate is a CrossFit gym in the Netherlands. One of the many Divi sites that incorporates the RevSlider into Divi to add effects not available in the built-in Divi Slider module.

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14. Tinks Yoga website

divi yoga example

A site for Tinks Yoga in which offers yoga and Pilates in Slovenia and uses the Modern Events Calendar plugin to schedule classes.

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15. Mothers At Risk non-profit/charity website

non-profit charity website example

The Mothers At Risk charity website has a bit of an unusual navigation menu in that it is different on the homepage and internal pages.

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16. Immaculata University website

divi example university website

This educational institution example for the Immaculata University has a cool full-screen header using the RevSlider plugin which includes a video on one of the slides.

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17. Twist Travel Mag travel magazine website

divi travel blog example

The Twist Travel Mag website is an online site to promote and sell the off-line travel publication and uses the WooCommerce plugin for the eCommerce.

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18. Preview phone app website

divi example phone app

This minimal site is for the Preview phone app which allows you to schedule and customize all of your Instagram photos of your cat and food.

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19. Woods Hole tiling website

tiling website example divi theme

A simple 1-page Divi website for the Woods Hole Tile Co who sell ceramic, glass, and natural stone tile and mosaics.

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20. Work Hub co-working space website

coworking website design example

Another 1-page (+blog) Divi site example for the Work Hub co-working space in Texas, USA.

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21. Bari In Jazz music festival website

divi music festival design

A colorful Divi site example for the Bari In Jazz music festival in Italy.

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22. Steph Williamson life coach website

life coach web design example

Plenty of gold & turquoise accents for this life coach website for Steph Williamson.

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23. The Scruffy Gentleman website (Divi WooCommerce example)

divi online store example

One of the many Divi + WooCommerce website examples in the gallery, this site for The Scruffy Gentleman sells beard products from Paris, Ontario, USA.

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24. Cabana Sapte property rental website

property rental site design example

A property rental site for Cabana Sapte which uses the Divi code module to embed the booking system into the website but also links out to booking options on AirB&B, Trip Advisor and Booking websites.

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25. Adams Leap Wines winery website

winery website divi example

Adams Leap Wines is a winery in NSW, Australia. Another The site has wine for sale via their WooCommerce shop but accommodation bookings are made via a 3rd party holiday rentals site.

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26. Elderly Care Law Firm website

law firm web design example

There are not too many legal websites in the showcase but this is one for the Elderly Care Law Firm in Florida, USA.

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27. Life Part 2 travel blog website

travel blog example divi theme

The Life Part 2 travel blog is one of the few examples of travel bloggers in their retirement years rather than young millennials.

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28. Spider Cracker music band website

music band website example

A black music band example for Spidercracker who is a 3-piece alternative rock band based in Vancouver, Canada.

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29. Power Tools Insider affiliate blog website

affiliate blog website example

Power Tools Insider is a review and resource site for power tools that generates income from Amazon affiliate links within product reviews.

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30. Jason Joseph personal brand website

personal brand site example Divi Theme

Jason Joseph is a hurdler based in Switzerland and this Divi site is there to provide information on Jason and his sport.

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31. Basami bag shop website

divi woocommerce example

An online store built with Divi and WooCommerce selling bags from Valencia, Spain. This site is available in English and Spanish languages using the Sitepress Multilingual CMS plugin.

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32. Makilio marketing agency website

marketing agency website example

A marketing website example from the Makilo marketing agency based in the UK.

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33. Cloud Canvas WordPress hosting website

wordpress hosting website example

This hosting website example is for Cloud Canvas who offer managed WordPress hosting.

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34. The Little Virtual Assistant website

virtual assistant web design example

The Little Virtual Assistant is a Divi website built for VA services targeted towards the hair, skin, make-up, and fashion styling industry niches.

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35. Mary & The Dot web design agency website

web design agency site built with Divi

Mary and The Dot is a web design agency in the Netherlands and is a great example of bold color schemes and large fonts in Divi.

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36. Acqua Strande hotel website

hotel web design example Divi Theme

A hotel website built with Divi for the Acqua Strande hotel in Germany.

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37. RSVP Wedding wedding planner website

divi website for wedding planner

A Divi site example for RSVP Wedding who offer full-service wedding planning services in the UK.

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38. Vin Walker authors website

divi authors example

This Divi site example is for sci-fi and fantasy author Vin Walker from Singapore.

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39. Daisy & Bump kids decor website (Divi eCommerce example)

online store website example

Daisy & Bump is a great Divi/WooCommerce example selling kids bedroom decor from the UK.

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40. Injoy therapist (& yoga) website


Injoy offer holistic yoga and therapy in Maryland, USA.

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