If you can’t find the perfect Divi layout you need for your website, or you just need a faster site build, then child themes may be the way to go. Divi Child themes are pre-designed website templates for the Divi WordPress Theme that work as an add-on to the parent (Divi) theme and can be used as a quick way to create a full website without any coding or design skills. Divi child themes may come with extra functionality such as a custom menu or custom effects that are not possible with a Divi layout.

What is a Divi child theme?

A child theme is “a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of the parent theme (Divi). A child theme is used to add customization to the design, layout, or functionality of your websites without having to edit the actual (Divi) theme files. By editing files in a child theme, you can update the parent (Divi) theme as new versions are released without losing your edits, which are safe in your child theme”

Divi has an ever-growing pool of 3rd party developers building pre-made child theme temples with over 350 free & premium Divi child themes currently available. You will need to buy the majority of child themes for prices ranging from USD 30-175, but there are also a few free Divi child themes that you can download and use on your next Divi project.

Top Divi Child Themes to download for free

1. Landing child theme

free divi child theme - landing

Landing Child theme is a free multi-purpose 1-page Divi child theme released by Best Divi Child.

This 1-page child theme comes with 9 key page sections, with each having its customized element. There are custom CSS hover effects on the blurbs and the team member section has custom hover effects that reveal staff members’ details when you hover over their image. This child theme is free via the cart checkout process on Best Divi Child.

Download for Free

4. Forty child theme

free divi child theme - forty

Forty is a free Divi child theme with 4 pages released by Caribdis web design.

The homepage comes with bold full page page-width image sections an opaque hover effect and a contact area at the bottom of the page. The child theme also comes with a blog, landing, and generic inner pages. The blog page uses a featured post slider module with a standard blog grid layout underneath. Forty is also available as a monochrome child theme variant that is the same site layout without the color and looks great. Child themes are available to download for free directly from the linked page without any signup or email required.

Download for Free 

5. Altitude child theme

free divi child theme - altitude

Altitude is a simple 1 page Divi child theme available to download for free from Love Divi.

A simple 1-page child theme that may be just what you are looking for. Not much in the way of custom coding on this one but a nice layout that can be used as a base to develop further. This child theme is available for download directly from Divi Lover without any need to sign up or social share. You can also get the Amped Child theme for free on the same linked page.

Download for Free 

6. Bare Bones for Divi

free divi child theme - bare bonesa

Bare Bones for Divi is a free blank child theme and allows you to set up a child theme for your Divi site without creating the files yourself. Just download Bare Bones from Divi Theme Examples, upload it, and activate it in your WordPress dashboard. After activating Bare Bones, your Divi site is running a child theme and any customizations you need to apply to theme or plugin files (those not available in the Divi Theme options or Theme customizer) can be placed in your new child theme.

Download for Free 

Want more Divi freebies?

The best place to find all the best Divi child themes (both free and premium) is over on the Divi Theme Examples child theme directory which lists a hand-picked selection of all the best child themes so you don’t need to view hundreds of low-quality child themes that may be available on various market places.

Free child themes for Divi are limited, but there are many free Divi plugins. Check out these 16 FREE Divi plugins on WordPress.org or the 14 best Free Divi plugins to download now over at Divi Theme Examples, which can be used to add functionality to your Divi website. You will also find every Divi plugin on the Divi Theme Examples plugin pages including both free and premium plugins.

Free Divi layouts are hugely popular and growing in number each day. We have 2 Divi layout packs from Elegant Themes released every week and many more 3rd party layouts which are all listed in the free category of the Divi Layouts Directory.

Grab yourself a Divi freebie and start building your websites faster and better.

If you have created a website using one of these free Divi child themes drop a link in the comment so we can see what is possible with these free products.