Judging by how popular the free Divi layouts section of this website is the Divi community certainly loves their free Divi products and they don’t just come in the form of the amazing free Divi builder layouts. Divi also has a large collection of free Divi plugins that can be downloaded at no cost to add extra functionality to your Divi website.

As the #1 WordPress Theme, Divi is packed with an ever-growing number of cool features, but it can never cover every single feature for every single user so sometimes you may need to make use of Divi plugins. These plugin extensions to Divi allow you to gain additional functionality that is not included in the theme by default.

In the past few years the number of 3rd party developers creating plugins specifically for Divi has grown considerably along with the success and popularity of the theme itself. Whilst the majority of Divi plugins are still a premium, many of these developers have also released free Divi plugins into the community for all to use.

Below is a list of the best free Divi plugins to download for $0

1. Divi Footer Injector Plugin

divi footer injector plugin

The Divi Footer Injector plugin is free to download when you join the Divi Framework membership (it’s free) and allows you to use a global Divi Library item for your website footer. You can replace the default layout (including blog posts, WooCommerce pages, etc) and/or add elements above your default footer without having to add and custom .php code in your theme files. This functionality will be available in the upcoming Divi Theme Builder update, but until then grab this free plugin and create your global footer with ease.


2. Battle Suit For Divi

battle suit for divi plugin

The Battle Suit for Divi plugin is available to download for free in the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin offers a range of Divi modules, extension, and overall improvements for the Divi Builder and the Divi Theme. The plugin comes with a blurb style bucket module, the ability to inject any layout from the Divi library, and the ability to add post title, featured image, excerpt, meta, and buttons. There is also a module to display a global footer and a video Light-box.


3. Divi Lightbox for Images

divi lightbox free plugin

The Divi light-box for Images plugin is a free download on the WordPress plugin repository and currently has 800+ active installs. This plugin allows you to use the native Divi Lightbox functionality for individual self linked images that are otherwise not able to use it. Just install the plugin and make sure you have the Divi Gallery option active in the Divi Options menu.


4. J.E.D.I. | Jerry’s Easy Demo Import

jerrys easy demo import free plugin

The Jerry’s Easy Demo Import plugin is a premium Divi Plugin that also comes as a free version with limited functionality. The plugin allows you to easily export your whole Divi website as a Layout Kit, Plugin or Child Theme. The free version allow you to export WordPress pages & posts, Divi library layouts, media library images, Divi Theme & customizer Settings and to package the export as a layout kit plugin. If you need the full set of plugin features the premium version costs $50.


5. Supreme Modules for Divi

divi supreme modules plugin

Divi Supreme Modules plugin gives Divi extend functionality with custom modules and is available to download for free in the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin comes with 5 custom Divi modules for Supreme Gradient Text (gradient colors on text), Supreme Flipbox (4 flip-box styles), Supreme Text Divider (styled text headings between sections), Supreme Image (3d image transform) and Supreme Typing (animated typing effect).


6. Divi Expand

divi expand plugin

The Divi Expand plugin is available to download for free in the WordPress plugin repository and currently has 500+ active installs. The plugin has various expanded options for author box, single post pagination, single post tags, related posts, light-box, archive blog style, pre-loader, sidebar removal, recent posts widget, twitter feed widget and font awesome.


7. WooCommerce List View For Divi

woocommerce list view divi plugin

The WooCommerce List View For Divi Theme is a free plugin from Divi Kingdom which allows you to use a classic blog list style layout on your Woo shop, categories and tag pages. The plugin allows you to enable list view for shop page, categories & tags individually, display product short description for each product in the list, display & customize read more button and display & customize the add to cart button.


8. Blog Article Card plugin

free Divi blog plugin

The Blog Article Card extension plugin is a free plugin released by Elegant Themes which will completely re-style your Divi blog when in grid layout mode. The plugin was released back in 2016 as part of the Divi 100 day countdown but it still offers a modern design style and nice hover effect that can be implemented in seconds for a much nicer looking grid blog layout.


9. Divi Accessibility

divi accessibility plugin free

Divi Accessibility is a free plugin that aims to improve the Divi accessibility to bring it in accordance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. The plugin adds a number of fixes to areas of the Divi Theme including ARIA attributes, keyboard navigation, labels, keyboard-interactive modules, screen reader classes, link optimized for Divi markup, hides icons from screen readers and Tota11y integration.


10. Divi Icons Pro (Free Version)

divi icons pro free plugin

Divi Icons PRO from B3 Multimedia is a premium Divi plugin that adds 2400+ icons directly into the Divi Builder and the plugin comes as this free version with limited functionality. Just select the free version in the drop-down on the sales page and grab it for free.


11. Content Visibility for Divi Builder

content visibility divi plugin

The Content Visibility plugin for Divi is a free plugin from AoD Technologies LLC which allows sections and modules to be displayed or hidden from your website based on the outcome of a PHP boolean expression. This plugin is available to download from the WordPress plugin repository and was last updated in April 2018 and has over 1000 active installs.


12. Simple Divi Shortcode

free divi shortcodes plugin

The Simple Divi shortcode plugin allows you to embed any Divi Library item inside another module’s content or inside a PHP template by using a simple shortcode that is generated by the plugin. Just create a layout and grab the layout ID then add it where you want to by using the shortcode format [showmodule id=”123″]


13. PayPal for Divi

divi paypal free plugin

The PayPal for Divi plugin is a free plugin from Angell EYE which allows you to integrate PayPal online payment options to your Divi site. The plugin adds a PayPal Button custom module into the Divi page builder so you can quickly and easily add PayPal Buy Now and Donate buttons to any WordPress page or post built with Divi.


14. Divi Tweaker

divi tweaker free plugin

The Divi Tweaker is a free (name your price at $0) plugin from Divi Web Design which will add over 20 various functionality additions for Divi. There are options for speed optimization to make your Divi site load faster, various page transitions and pre-loader options, custom design tweaks, and advanced Divi functionality options. The plugin has had 2000+ downloads to date.


15. ACME Divi Modules

acme divi modules free plugin

The ACME Divi Modules plugin is a free plugin from Mirko Bianco and is available to download from the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin replaces default Divi ‘project’ slug with a custom slug, extends the Divi Page Builder to custom post types, and changes the Divi image size and ratio. It also adds a new custom slide in the module, blog module, portfolio module, and full-width portfolio module.


16. Divi extended columns

divi 7 8 column plugin

The Divi Extended Columns plugin is a free plugin from Sean Barton which allows you to create 5/6/7/8 Column Layouts using the Divi builder. We have recently had a Divi feature update tp Divi that allows us to create 5 and 6 column layouts as standard in the Divi builder, but this plugin would still be useful if you want to create 7 and 8 column layouts without having to code it in yourself.


17. WP & Divi Icons

wp Divi icons plugin

The WP & Divi icons plugin is a free download from Aspen Grove Studios that allows you to add over 300+ icons to your WordPress or Divi website (compatible with any standards-compliant theme). You can use icons directly in the WordPress editor or when using the Divi Builder. Style icons in the WordPress editor to set their color and size or also apply your own CSS classes. You can also use the included Creative Commons licensed icon files that ship with the plugin in any personal or commercial website.


18. Divi Builder plugin

divi builder plugin

The Divi builder plugin is free with Elegant Themes membership which is a stand-alone Drag & Drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme, so you can use the power of Divi on any WordPress website. If you already have Divi installed then you don’t need to use the Divi builder plugin.


Find 100’s of free and premium plugins

If you are looking for Divi plugins then the best place to go is the Divi Theme Examples Divi plugins directory, which lists all the plugins from Elegant Themes and 3rd party developers all in 1 place. You can use the drop-down menu to select to view only free plugins or only premium plugins too. Divi Theme Examples also lists 2000+ live Divi website examples, Divi layouts and Divi child themes.