As Divi gets updated by Elegant Themes you should also update Divi theme on your website. The core Divi Theme files are updated at least once a month (or sometimes much more often) and usually include various bug fixes, new & improved features and very occasionally a security update. Unless you specifically need these new features or have a bug that needs fixing you don’t necessarily have to update Divi. A security update, however, is something that should always be made as it fixes issues that could lead to your site being hacked or compromised in some way.

Before you update Divi make sure to backup your Divi website. There are many ways to do this, but the best solution for me is using Updraft Plus (free) plugin that sends the backup to a pro Dropbox account. Once you have a backup done you can go and update Divi.

How to update Divi;

  1. Go to the Elegant Themes login page, log in using your username and password.
  2. In the dashboard click on the “Account” tab and then on “Your API Key”.
  3. You can copy your API key or add a new API key.
  4. Go to your WordPress dashboard and go to “Divi Theme Options” and click on the “Updates” tab.
  5. Enter your Elegant Themes username (login username) and your API key and save the settings.
  6. The Divi Theme will now automatically notify you when updates are available and you can update Divi via the update page.
  7. Go to “Dashboard” > “Updates” and check the Divi Theme checkbox under Themes and hit “Update Themes”.
  8. Your site will go into maintenance mode while Divi is updating.
  9. Divi is updated!

how to update divi theme

Roll back a Divi update to the previous version

If a Divi update has broken your site then you may want to restore the previous version of Divi theme. Divi version 3.6 ( updated 06-07-2018 ) added a new theme rollback feature that allows you to go back to the version of Divi that was installed before updating. It is also a good idea to save previous versions of Divi onto your computer in case you lose access to the WordPress dashboard and need to reinstall the theme via FTP or file manager on your server.

Steps to restore the Divi Theme version;

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and go to “Divi” > “Theme Options” and click on the “Updates” tab.
  3. Your Divi theme will uninstall the current version of Divi and install the previous version.

restore divi theme